We are “Linked” part 1

“Humans have an inborn desire to form cliques and clusters that offer familiarity, safety and intimacy.”-Albert-László Barabási in “Linked” 

With a planet increasing in population and intimacy, it is important to understand how human beings connect. Barabási discusses the six degrees of separation and how weaker links, when it comes to business and “spreading the word,” that your weaker-linked connections are more important than your more strongly-linked connections. This is because your tight-knit circle will remain tight-knit. Once the information enters into circles of more “connectors,” your world opens up and those connectors are able to drive the information further to outer circles.

Barabási discusses the 80/20 rule. In my opinion, this is the most important concept to digest because 20 percent of your efforts will result in 80 percent of your product, just as 20 percent of the population retain 80 percent of the wealth. The concept stems from an Italian railway engineer turned economist, Vilfredo Pareto.

Barabási argues that this concept can be applied to complex networks. “Power laws mathematically formulate the fact that in most real networks the majority of nodes have only a few links and that these numerous tiny nodes coexist with a few big hubs, nodes with an anomalously high number of links.”

Twenty percent of the population can create 80 percent of the connections. This profound because it requires knowing the correct locations or websites to post or connect your information. Knowing the right connectors is KEY!

I actually applied this principle the other night when I wanted to get an important story that was posted on the paper’s Facebook page out as quickly as possible. The publisher was concerned that the impact would be low because we were putting the story out on Facebook. I assured him that I would make certain the proper people were connected and that it would have an impact. It worked! Definitely applying the information learned in this course and applying it. The print publishers need to take this course. Just sayin…

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