Journalism 620-final project

Toni Edwards

Toni’s blog is very personal, drawing on real-life experience to engage the reader. The AP style is extremely lax on Toni’s blog, and to me, it is unclear if that is on purpose.

I love that Toni points out in the “Aim for the Heart post that sometimes journalists can rush to get a story out. This can be extremely harmful to the credibility of the story, journalist and publication. Journalists want to rush to get the information out and it is up to the editors to stand their ground.  

He discusses the idea of making a life better by putting a little more thought into doing our jobs better.” -Toni Edwards on the write-up of Krug’s “Don’t Make me Think.”

Jennifer Conter

The one thing that struck me in my first overview of this blog was that the photos looked like advertisements. It broke the flow of writing.

I really like that Jennifer chose to discuss Tompkins’ recommendation “keeping mobile users in mind and making the fonts in online graphics large enough to be read on a small screen.” Also in his suggestion is “keeping camera movement to a minimum because it’s difficult to stomach on a cellphone.” I like that she incorporated the video in the post and made it interactive.

Delores Lewis

Yellow Pepper Mint is a fantastic name! The navigation of the site was not as difficult as a couple of the others. I am curious as to why Delores decided to include as much clutter on the text as she did. There are a number of great anchor texts and it gives the reader the ability to link and learn more about what is discussed. However, there may have been a few too many and distracted me from reading a good portion of the blog entries.

Danna Swiedan

Aside from the anchor text for Facebook and Twitter, I am not following the anchor text selections in the rest of the posts. If anchor text are nouns, “Thisshould not be used as anchor text. “Story” would have been the natural and intuitive choice.

The points made in Danna’s reviews are valid and thorough. I wish the writing was more concise and action oriented.

Tanya R. Adams

Regarding the layout, focus and simplicity, Tanya’s blog is my favorite. Scrolling through the blog, you can definitely see the change and growth. Long headlines become action oriented and engaging. The format is great. However, it is difficult to read at times. Copy editors are needed.

Developing a network is crucial and Tanya brings significant points to the table.

In “Writing News Online,” Tanya uses subheads to break up the review, keeping it from being text-heavy. 


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